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Sorry if this has already been posted but i felt i need to warn others of a design flaw with my Jag, i purchased my 09 3.0S XF diesel on the 20th of jan and on the 17th of march i was going along and saw a small amount of smoke coming from the engine i stopped immediately and called recovery who had a look and said the aux belt had snapped, took the car back to my usual garage and he stripped it and found the tensioner bearing had collapsed, i will add there were no strange noises prior to its failure, now this is where my tale gets scary, when the tensioner failed it allowed the belt to rub on the cam belt cover and make a hole, this was the smoke i saw, this rubbing caused bits of belt to come off and enter the cam belt throwing out the engine timing on one head and thus a valve to piston smash up, the way the jags are made you cant just replace the bent bits and carry on as the journals are matched to the head the long and short of the story is an engine rebuild at a cost of £5200 luckily i have the best car dealer on the planet, Essex trade cars chelmsford, who is picking up the bill as the warrenty has a 2K limit, when the warrenty firm sent there engineer he told them its a known problem with this engine and he has seen it before, my car had done 51K miles, my advice to ALL with this engine is save yourself a massive bill by getting the tensioner checked ASAP, we would all rather spend £50 and find its ok rather than leave it and its £5200

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Thank you, Steve.

My s type has the 2.7 litre Gemini which was the earliest engine in the XF, later replaced by the 3.0 litre.

Just to be on the safe side, I will have my mechanic check it out when it is serviced soon.



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