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wind noise


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Hi everyone,

I have been bothered about wind noise on my xtype 2009.

After testing each door seals using an A4 sheet of paper and trying to pull it out with the door closed ( this was suggested by someone a while ago) It was quite easy to pull the paper through so I decided to adjust the striker plates. First I marked the existing position with short strips of masking tape, then slackened off the two torx screws, then carefully moved the plate towards the  middle of the car, only about 2mm. Tightened the screws then tried the paper test again. This time it was not possible to withdraw the paper. Went for a test drive and all was a lot quieter. Job Done.



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Thanks Rod,

Just tried placing a piece of paper on the door frame and then shutting the door (tried it on all of them) and I could pull it out really easily :O 

So I'll do what you did and reseat the striker plates to see if that creates a tighter seal.

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I did this when I first got my Jag and it helped, but there's still quite a bit of wind noise from the front of the doors (ie the A pillar join for the front door and the B pillar join for the rear door). I can easily pull a sheet of paper from the seals.

Moving the striker plates makes no difference here. The rubber seals are tightly in place on the door frames and Red Rubber Grease hasn't helped - any ideas? It's annoying to have wind noise in a luxury car! Not sure I want to start moving the hinges, assuming it's possible as a DIY'er.

Thanks in advance, happy motoring.


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I've been in the dj game for years and a smoke machine inside your car will easily show up EXACTLY where any small gaps / splits in door seals etc are . If you know a local dj or mobile disco operator it will be worth having a word and slipping them a few quid for a quick borrow.

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