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D2B module sequence

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Conventional wisdom has it that, for a D2B (optical) network to function properly in our cars, there is a fixed sequence of modules within the loop.

Without wishing to be labelled as a heretic, I'd like to make an observation that, in my experience, it doesn't matter what sequence the modules are in, providing they follow the "loop" principle. I base this upon the fact that I have deliberately altered the position within the loop of modules to suit convenience and the lengths of D2B cables that I have had in my spares box, and regardless of position, everything always seems to work perfectly.

I was wondering whether anybody else would agree with me, based upon empirical evidence?

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Hi Paul

Yes your right as long as the in and out fibre's are the right way round to the modules

the modules can be mounted any place in the loop

I altered all mine to get the neatest path and best route in the boot, where the mass of modules are




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