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  Hi to one and all.

   Just a post to introduce myself.

     Having looked for an S Type for a while (picking up tips etc from this site before buying) I have at last got it. Actually got it on Feb 28th but only just getting around to the introduction!

          I was looking for a 3.0 petrol as I don't do a lot of miles due to commuting in the company car. However I saw this 2.7D in a local garage. My choice of colour in and out, low miles, immaculate condition,new tyres, just serviced and 12 months mot. Seems to have every option available. I'll just have to go for a longer run every no and then to clean the dpf, (not a hardship I am sure you will agree!). Just been to Carlisle and back, averaged 49.5 mpg on the journey so there is one advantage of a diesel.

       As you can see I've already got the personal reg on !

          Look forward to more posts soon. 




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Hi David, and welcome to the club,

The 2.7 diesel s type is a great model.  I don't do a big mileage either, but just make sure I do a ln run once a month or so, and also give her a bit of a blast occasionally.

To Liverpool tomorrow  for a weekend to enjoy SWMBO's birthday and looking forward to a great weekend.

I hope you enjoy the club.




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Love the colour it was my 2nd choice if I could not get the red one I have now.


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Welcome to the's a great place to chat and get advice and I'm sure you'll enjoy the many chats and discussions.

ive only recently got my first s type despite being a regular jag owner with Xjs , xj6 being my previous babies.

The 2.7 is a cracker with the usual refinements you'd expect and good mpg. It also helps that when you need it drives like a stabbed rat and is no slouch.

Hope you have fun with the group and we look forward to your contributions.


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