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Intro - and a little problem

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Hi all. My name's Desn and I recently became the owner of a lovely 2004 S-Type 2.5l V6 SE. Had an intermittent ABS warning light that seems to be LOK now, but I have an 'engine coolant low' warning light. There aren't any obvious leaks, but I'd like a little advice. Is it only topping up the water level I need to do..? 

Thanks Dean

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Welcome to the club, Dean.

I would check the coolant level first and top up if necessary, and see if the warning light goes out.  It could also be a faulty sensor.

I would also check if the temperature gauge operates at its normal operating temperature. 



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Hi Dean

yes its coolant level, check its above the marker, in the opening and if it is it could be the sensor

if it just come on, then its coolant level or sensors faulty, check the sensor plug is all the way on

if its allways been on, if you feel at the back middle bottom, with engine off, there should be a sensor sticking out with a plug on it,

if the sensor and plug are there then its coolant or faulty sensor

I say check for the sensor, as the coolant expansion bottle, is a common failure and leaks, the coolant bottle is available with or without the coolant level sensor, so some cars have a new coolant expansion tank fitted with out the facility to mount the coolant level sensor in, there cheaper, so it either gets unplugged, coolant level warning allways stays on, or sensor taped up



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By all means check the coolant level and top up with a little water, if only a minor top up is necessary,

Eith the top up completed this will prove the performance of sensor, and the warning light should not return.

However if a significant or repeated top up becomes necessary, its a good idea to check for obvious leaks and then top up with the appropriate anti freeze proportion as this will also contain the required anti corrosion chemicals.  

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