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V6 3.0 litre heating problem


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If its hot air coming out, as in when the heater would be on, then its more that likely, the heater solenoid valve, these are a common problem and stick, if hot water passing the heater valve no amount of air con will cool it and will just cause the engine to run hotter as the condensor radiator infront of the engine radiator will get hotter than normal

if its just warm air, as in warm air been drawn in at ambient outside temp, then its going to be aircon possibly, if you hear a click come from the engine bay, when you switch the   aircon on then thats a good sign, thats means theres gas still in there and it just might need a top up, if there no click noise when the aircon is switch on, that usually means theres no gas left and a pressure switch is holding it off, this can be more involved in getting it working and there going to be a leak some where, as the gas is gone

if you get the system topped up, get them put some dye in there as if you lose the gas again, it should show where the leak is in the future

my other half has just had her air con topped up through a groupon voucher for £20, which is superb value, but there offers come and go, buts its worth keeping a eye on it



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Hi guys thanks for the info.l don't know when or if it has been regassed but will be getting it done. I am interested in the location of the heater solenoid as that sounds promising. Cheers

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