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2009 XF front window issue

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I have just fitted 2 new front window regulators to my 2009 Jaguar XF. The drivers side works fine but the passenger side has a fault and only moves about 4 inches before stopping, although if you press the button again, it continues to move. This is the same on both the drivers and passengers switch.

 I have tried the windows reset procedure and it isn't solving the problem. My next move will be to strip it down again and check the wiring in behind the door but I would be extremely grateful if  anyone had any other suggestion prior to me doing this.


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have you tried, driving the window to the top and then pressing and holding the up button for a few seconds, so it reteaches the top position

I have to do this to reset the one touch up after a battery been disconnected



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Welcome to the Club, Billy.

Just add to what Joe has said, when you do the reset, just wait for the rather quiet "Click"



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Hi Everyone

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I was away on holiday.

Just a quick update on the window issue- I started reading about some limit switch which operated if there was an obstruction and due to the state of the old regulator, I wondered if the window guides could be  sticking. I had already sprayed them inside when I fitted the new regulator but just to be sure, I sprayed the guides from the top with quite a lot of WD40  and they now work a treat.

Thanks again for all your comments.

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