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TLC small treat for my x type 2.0d

david moore

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Given the car a clean and polish as we jag lovers do.... but also spray areas with WD40 to help the old girl which she loves, meter across my battery terminals when running to check alternator is feeding the battery ok,  check all Oil levels, (Oil change not due yet )  brake fluid,  power steering fluid, radiator hoses,  (looking at colour  i may do a complete system flush soon) air filter replaced, spray clean sensors with brake cleaner.   when car is running i also take off the vacum pipe from the egr valve and make sure there is vacum sucking from the turbo unit actuator.  visual check on front and rear brake pads,+ handbrake rise inside car.  replace cabin pollen filter which seats under the plastic windscreen skuttle. ( along with many other checks too ) Then a trip to the fuel station put £30 diesel in along with my additive, and its a blast down the m69 and back home... runs fantastic the cat purrs well.  :-)

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