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Jaguar XF 2.7 or 3.0 ?


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I am planning to buy my first Jaguar.


I am at this stage choosing between 2 different models that i have been offered:


Jaguar XF 2.7 D 2009 model and 2900 miles


Jaguar XF 3.0 D 2011 model and 6250 miles


Is there anyone in the forum that could help me with an opinion on which car to choose?


Ps. I have driven both the cars and the only real difference i noticed was the speed of the 3.0 D


Best regards,




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Hi Carl, and welcome to the club.

I take it that there should be another 0 on the mileages.

The 2.7 Gemini Diesel was designed as a joint venture between Ford and Peugeot and the 3.0 Diesel is an uprated version to meet the Euro 6 requirements and is naturally a little quicker than its predecessor  --  which is no slouch either, and is the engine that powers the S Type Diesel.

The 2.7 litre Diesel your are looking at is a very low mileage for its year, and I guess that it is in very good condition, too. The 3.0 litre diesel looks to have done a fairly average mileage and should be in a similar condition.

A lot could depend on the mileage you will be doing, as both engines are quite good, but if you are going to do a big mileage you should note that a cam belt change will be needed at 105,000 or 10 years. If you are going to do a low mileage, I would probably go with the later model.



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Hello Carl,

I'd also look at the Road Fund Tax between the two. I think you'll find the 2.7 is more expensive. Also, the 3.0L XFS is quite a beast, I know, my previous car was one. It's very fast.



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Rock and a hard place or what?

My Disco 3 had the 2.7 and I loved it. The 3.0 is even better and as the guys state, smoother, cheaper car tax and better mpg.

I would go for the younger bird every time:wub:

Enjoy and let us know how you get on?


Its the fuel pump belt on the rear of the V6 that needs changing @ 105K or 7 years. Can't say as I remember the cam belt but I know its a shorter



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