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Hi, I have always liked Jaguars ever since watching Arthur Daley in his early Jag :-)

I have been talking to a friend who is not into his cars in terms of looking after them long term. He has offered me his October 2002 XK8 4.2 Auto. It is black with rare Black and Red trim. He is the second owner from new and bought it from Lancasters when it was three years old in 2005. He has always had it serviced, not always by Jaguar and just had a gearbox overhaul (£3.5k) new disks pads etc. it has tatty paintwork and a big bubble on the rear quarter panel. It needs a new headlining and most of the lights are on, on the dash but all the work has been done just not by Jag to turn off the lights.

It drives nice and sounds fine, what is it worth?


All help appreciated.


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Welcome to the club, Darren.

That is a difficult question.

I would see what the 2002 XK8 prices are for those of similar mileage.  I would then look at the cost of replacing the headlining  professionally, and then the cost of a respray.  

That should give you an idea of the value of the car.



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Thanks for the reply Peter. The car just looks tatty, I would like to think a dent man might be able to sort most of the issues out and then a good valet/detailing could really make the car look happier. The wheels need a tidy up too so nothing too scary. The seat upright on the passenger side does not work hopefully just a motor or fuse :-)

There is a clicking noise behind the glove box, it sounds like a relay rapidly clicking. it sops and starts a lot whilst driving, any ideas?

I think the price he is asking is fair I can't find a cheaper one and he has owned it and had it serviced and looked after regularly, It needs some love but is a really nice genuine car if you look past the little issues.



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Go for it if its not silly money--I`m guessing 5k ish --be prepared to spend a few thousand on it and you have a classic thats quickly going up in price and also one of the nicest looking cars ever made.


Edit---5k may be on the low side for a 4.2

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