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How it is going

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Well I have covered well over 1000k since I got my Jaguar taking my wife and the grand kids for days out and it was faultless up to now The only slight downside is the remote locking is hit and miss replaced the batterys in both fobs and its still hit or miss Still if thats all that is going to go wrong I dont mind I can live with it 

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when i i first brought my x type i had this problem! but i then found out it was my micro button on my key fob. so i stripped down the old spare key fob, removing the micro buttons x4, and re soldering the micro button it in place of the old one that was faulty...works no problem every time. good job done.

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I am not sure it is the same thing as mine David as its the same on both my fobs  at least I can still use the key just as long as long as I can get it in the ignition before the alarm goes off lol


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Hi David,

It is possible the key fobs need reprogramming  --  a good auto locksmith might be a good option.

I think that the 100,000 miles [100k] you have done is a bit high:wink:  in the time you have had it!



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