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Strange Engine Moaning (Video)


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Hi All,

I've recently purchased a 2001 Jaguar S-Type Sport V6 which has recently been making a moaning noise intermittently after some hard acceleration.

The sound appears to be coming from under the bonnet and in first thoughts sounded as if it was a belt rubbing on something in the engine bay, however after some close inspection this is not the case. It only appears when you apply very slight acceleration and can be heard both inside and outside of the car (more so inside).

You will be able to hear the noise in the attached video.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help would be much appreciated!

Paul :thumbsup:


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your drive belt links up to a number of components these being, crankshaft pulley, air comressor pulley , alternator pulley, power steering pump, now if what you say the noise is from this side ? !  check these first for correct operation.  on my 2.0d x type i had to have a new crankshaft pulley plus air con compressor,power steering pump, new belt with new tensioner pulley.  but i do hope in your case its an easy fix....good luck.

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