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Thieving Scumbags

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Went to get some fuel today from the local garage, only to find that it had gone up 3.5p per litre.

Suspicious as I am, before filling up, I went and enquired about the sudden increase in cost. Guess what I was told?

"It's gone up because we're coming out of Europe".

I'll wait and get my fuel from Sainsburys tomorrow.

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I thought this would happen, Paul.

The £ has fallen against the $ although if should take about three weeks before the effect on Oil would start to effect the petrol stations.

But some people are always ready to make a fast buck, as they say.

My local Shell Petrol Station was selling diesel at 112.9 pence per litre.  I will be home from London about 4.00 pm and will see what the price is there.



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