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Hello from a Newbie


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Hello all

I've just bought my first Jaguar as replacement for a ZT, and after a bit of searching, hopefully I've found the right one for me. I've long hankered after an X-Type, so when this '08 plate 2.0D SE cropped up along with a 5 main dealer services in the history I thought I had better make it mine. 

Just thought I'd say hi as I was a member of the 75andZT owners club and always found it a useful and friendly source of information or chat, and also take the opportunity to introduce myself and the car to you...



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Welcome to the Club, Brian.

The X type 2.5 is a nice car, and the 2.5 AWD engine is not a thirsty as some say, and does like long steady runs.  I had the same model, and also found it very agile, with enough power from the V6.

I hope you will find your car enjoyable, and also the club.  There are quite a few former Rover/MG owners in the club too - I had a Rover Sterling for 11 years!



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Hi Brian,

Looks good. I also had a Rover 75 tourer diesel auto and always fancied an X Type. I`ve got 2008 estate diesel auto for about 9 months now. Had a few issues but love the car.

I`m in East Yorkshire so we might meet up.



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Hi, thank you for your replies and sorry not replied myself 'till now... been busy at work and things...

Not impossible we will cross paths as I like to get about a bit when I can - I've driven the car a little now and have to say it's very good. So much more visibility than the MG ZT, lots more toys, more refinement and much lighter to drive - in fact it actually feels smaller than it really is to me. The only thing I miss is the heavy 'unstoppable' feel of the MGR car, and the figure hugging sports seats that it had, but this really feels to be in a higher league; as it should to be fair! The Mk1 ZT was a little more dramatic to look at, but the Ultimate Black paintwork and black leather on this set it off perfectly (although I'm sure opinion varies passionately on that!) I just had to get some new suspension bushes at the back, but they didn't cost much and now it's not just comfortably but silently coping with the roads 'round here!

Don't think I'll be too sad at not going for one of the V6s, although maybe I should have test driven one to see the difference; but the car is surprisingly responsive already and happily pulls in all gears, plus the taxmans' knock is a little lighter! 



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