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final straw


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06 plate 2.7d sport...Had this car 10 months and it's totally destroyed my faith its cost me  about £5000 in repairs and now it's blown both turbos cost to repair more than the cars worth . If that's what owning a jag is like .never again ,totally gutted and skint , so it's going on eBay spares or repairs with both egr valves and dpf filter changed last month. All disks and pads last week ,front suspension and aircon. Not to mention £600 for roof console . No more jags for me not reliable enough and too !Removed! expensive 

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Sorry to hear this! 

This is the reason I would never buy a diesel, they are just too unreliable due to being highly turned for max power.

Petrol engine powered by lpg every time for me!

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