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S Type R (thinking of purchasing


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HI Kaspa, 

I think Joe was saying the other week that the price of these great cars was going up due to the rarity value.  I would not worry about the ABS fault as it can easily be rectified.

If I had the money, and being retired for 17 years I haven't, and if SWMBO would let me, I would buy it.



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Hi Kasper

Its top money, but low mileage

its virtually impossible to find a good STR with under 40k on the clocks for less than £10000

this is one of the dearest i've seen but one of the lowest milage

if its going to be a daily runner and you rack the miles up, the value will drop slightly

if it only going be a second summer car, you keep the miles low and keeps it a least 5 years, I don't think you will lose any moneys on it

but for that money, I would expect full Jaguar service history, a pile of receits and loads of history

but make sure you check the obvious, check the sills for rust, the sills can rust extremely bad and are hidden by covers, especially if it has a sunroof, sunroof gutters drain into the sills, quality tyres and even tyre wear, uneven tyre wear = worn bushes or bad tracking on all 4 wheels, brakes and hand brake (later STR we not built as good as pre 2005, they went for cheaper calipers and smaller discs, which can be trouble some ), dash check make sure all the warning lights light up and then go out, airbag, engine management, abs, make sure it drive nice and quiet, if it been driven hard they get through bushes and there are a massive amount of bushes on the s-type, this is what give it  its really smooth ride, head lights work correct ( switch lights on, switch ignition on, the light adjusters go fully up and then they go down ), this car is 9 years old and is due a autobox service, if it not been done budget £300 to £400 to get this done, check online with vosa, that the mileage tally's up, check auto lights work and auto wipers, a dodgy fitted windscreen will cause these not to work, engines are really strong, Jaguar only use orange coolant and should be clean, autobox should be silky smooth in normal mode and try it in sport, any harsh changes in the 1st to 3rd and 3rd to 1st area could mean problems, as at 2007 should have the latest software, look at the shock absorbers, check for leaks and heavy rust, there green on the str's, made by bilstein and come in at £400 a shock, not fitted

make sure every thing works, if you find any faults, its a bargaining tool to get the price down

check the body panels paintwork, especially around the front, these really shift and take some stopping, at this price, i expect it to be all original

I think the main thing would be service history, service history, critical if its going to hold any value

at this price it should come with a descent warranty, mine came with 3 years, but has to be serviced by a dealer every year or 10k miles, for it to be worth the paper its written on

also road tax on this is £505 a year and may go up in the future

dont be scared to ask to look under the car, a good dealer will put it up on a ramp for you, they did when i asked and have a good look

if you any other questions just ask






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