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coolant system...

david moore

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my next job on my x type is to completely drain the coolant and flush. then use EVANS prep flush, then use EVANS waterless engine coolant, as this will protect my whole system-water pump, pipes, radiator, etc, and also not over heat, plus it will protect the engine block too. and they say its for life! cost around £90....sounds good to me!

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I used Evans before, its very good

want to use it on my S-type R, as the valley pipe is a common failure, due to heat and pressure

when i change my valley pipe, I will go over to evans waterless coolant, I recommend changing the water pump as well

Its very good and it will eliminate any future hose failures as there no pressure

Its a bit dearer on my car though as the water system holds 10 litres, so its 2x prep and 2x coolant

You get to do the party trick as well, like when the engines hot and running, you just open the bonnet, while every body watching, you just take the cap off your expansion tank and while every body jump for cover, you just look in and smile, because there no pressure there

recommend also if you water system looks dirty then give it a good flush first



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