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What is this module?


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As subject.

There is a small module just behind the fusebox in the engine bay of a diesel S-Type (but not all diesel S-Types)

It's the black rectangular thing with a wiring connector clearly visible on the right of it. On this picture it appears also to be just in front of the suspension turret. I wish I had the ability to draw circles on photos.

Can anybody tell me what it is please?

BTW. This is NOT my engine bay.

Thank you


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It has two rubber pipes connected to it at the bottom, leading god knows where.

The MAP sensor is directly connected to the throttle body on the diesel engine Joe.

What is curious is that this module isn't on every diesel engined S-Type.

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with out knowing where the pipe go, it could be one of many things

it sounds like a valve, so could be a purge valve, bleed valve, overboost valve, idle adjustment valve

what year is the car and what engine does it have



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It's a 3M5A- 5L200 - AB which is a DPF sensor, also used by Ford, Volvo and Mazda.

Took a picture but can't upload from my phone.


Much easier on laptop




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