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gearbox problem

art j64a

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Hi folks,I've got a 07 plate 2.7 diesel which is developing gearbox problems it makes a rumbling sound especially when  going uphill. I've been told it might need a torque converter,then I was told by another party to just get new box,have a look on eBay..which I did ,and was left confused by the cost? Anywhere from 200 to 2000 quid!...so any help would be much appreciated. .thanks art  

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I'd also have a look at the propshaft, propshaft mounts and rubber doughnuts on the propshaft

propshaft noises would increase with load

if it were gearbox, I would of thought it would be noisey in certain gears, torque convertor would get louder with rpm's



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Be careful when considering the second hand transmissions on Fleabay et al.

The transmissions are coded to the car during manufacture and if you just fit a second hand transmission it will not function. The coding is on the ECU within the transmission and is not accessible extrnally.

There are certain people who can recode the transmisssion to match it with the car but it will cost a pretty penny.

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