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air cabin pollen filter

david moore

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well i went to try and check my cabin pollen filter! but needed to remove my wiper blades to gain access.  along with having to remove the plastic windscreen skuttle.. so off i went in me shed and made a  wiper arm puller/extractor,  some hours later i then removed the  wiper arms and skuttle i seen the pollen filter which neededs replacing!  but will do this when the car comes back after some paint blisters have been done on front wheel arches both sides, along with the rear off side too.   plus a complete bonnet respray due to stone chips and rust blisters along seems.  when the car gets back after paint i will update with pics of replacing pollen filter, ( old/new filter ) my be around end july.  cheers dave.

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wiper arm removal .jpglift skuttle clip.jpgskuttle clip .jpgold filter and gel .jpgair cabin opening .jpgwindscreen skuttle channel .jpgair filter clip .jpginside of bottom channel .jpg

finally i got round to fitting the air pollen filter.  here are some pictures of how i done this,if you notice on the picture with the windscreen skuttle my lip that fits into the windscreen stops halfway as its broken.  also clean the bottom channel and around the drain holes as debris collects.  the windscreen skuttle channel seen with a blunt knife and wet wipe cleaned out grit,dust,debris. windscreen skuttle.jpg

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