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Door mirrors


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Hi again all Could someone tell me if I should be able to push my door mirrors flat to the car as I have tried but they will not move I am just wondering if they are electric and the fuse has blown or something 

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They are designed to flod flat to the car in the event of a hard impact David.

If they are powerfolds, I wouldn't recommend forcing them though, you'll possibly strip the gears.

If they are non powerfold then they should fold reasonably easily.

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Hi David

both power fold and non power fold, will fold by hand

I'd try removing the covers, pull the cover up at the bottom

where the pivot is and the wires go through, use something like wd40 and soak that area and it should free off

put a rag under the mirror, because it will drip on the door for ages

also by removing the cover and using a torch you can see if its power fold, there a black unit by the inside pivot point with wires on it, if it there then its power fold, if not its not



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As Joe says, taking the cover off is the final solution, as it were. You will probably see a load of horrible greyish white flaky corrosion.

You could also press the powerfolding switch David and see if there is any movement of the mirrors or if you hear a click.

If you are unfamiliar with the powerfold operation:-

1. Make sure the mirror adjust left / right toggle switch is in the centre neutral position.

2. Briefly press the rear edge of the round directional switch. Do this at least twice to ensure that the mirrors are synchronised.

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I've done three in the past year without recourse to taking the cover off. All were manual and all sorted by adjusting the mirror till you can see right inside, then giving the bolt a good lathering with WD40 using the straw nozzle. Also spray plenty where the pivoting part of the plastic meets the static part.  My son keeps a BMW320 in Mallorca, which thrives on neglect. Gave it a good spraying last month, planning to leave it for a few hours to soak in, but couldn't resist giving it a quick shove to see what happened. It freed up.  

The only problem is that the door mirror spider, the hardest creature on earth, won't be too happy!

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