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A.C Regas, Blend Motor and RCCM Fault!


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Hi all,
I have just had my a.c regased as I didn't think it was as cold as it should be. It was done by a vehicle a.c professional.
All went well with the regas and everything working as it should under the bonnet but he did notice that then the climate is set to face vents there was not much air flow.
After a good play with the settings we worked out that you can't stop the air blowing out of feet vents no matter that settings it's set on.

So I'm thinking the blend motor on feet vent is not working and stick on open.

So removed the glove box and here's the feet vent blend motor -


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I removed the motor and with it still plugged in I went through all the climate settings to find the motor dead so I plugged in a spare one which I removed from my last S which was scrapped. But again no movement then going through climate settings so it's 1 of 2 faults, 1- both motors are dead or there's a fault within the RCCM.

So I opened the motor up to have a look -


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So after having a good look at the wiring details I checked the power feds to the motor and found no power, also checked at RCCM end and it was the same, so checked the signal feds from RCCM and yes it's got 5v going to it, next checked the position feedback variable voltage and found 2.2 volts. So I removed the motor (still plugged in) and popped it's cover off and removed one of the wheels so I could turn the wheel has the tracks on it.

I then slowly spun the wheel and watched the volts change from 1-5 volts but still motor didn't power up. So now I'm sure the blend motor is ok.

So I removed the RCCM and found this - 


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yes well found

I'd link it out with some domestic 5amp fuse wire, at least then you still have some protection

you dont want to damage anything further back

nice find though, I allways take things apart and check them first, most things are usually repairable



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