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Vibrating noise


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I have a 2003 2litre x type and when I'm driving 30mph upwards there is a horrible feint vibrating sound. I've had 2 new rear tyres, all wheel bearings done and new calipers but it's still doing it and getting really frustrating. Has anyone else had this or know what else it could be?


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Hi Dan,

I`ve got a similar problem with my 2008 diesel auto. When I bought it last Sept it had a noise like a flat spot on a tyre. I replaced the fronts as these were the most worn. This didn`t make any difference. I then replaced the rear discs and tyres but still no change. I am beginning to think that it could be a drive shaft. I intend to investigate this later in the year.

Let us know if you make any progress.



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best to check front and rear universal joints for there roughness and play, also check center bearing for the same thing.  faulty joints or bearings are normally herd and felt as low vibration and can be felt through the floor pan to! that is regarding to road speed. if faulty the complete assembly must be renewed. a good mechanic will know this when on a test drive. good luck guys....

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