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S-Type Exhausts


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Hi all,

I saw this listing for S-Type rear silencer boxes on eBay, and they look nothing like the big (knackered) rear boxes I have on my 2001. This is just the one side and the other is listed separately. Does anyone recognise them as a standard fitment and are they likely to fit on a 2001 car? I was going to treat myself to a set of Adamesh rear boxes but these look like they'd achieve a similar result for a fraction of the price. The idea may be a non starter but I thought I'd ask!

Thanks, Russ

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Hey Simon, this is what I thought, and you should know having played around with those Adamesh pipes you sold on. Tempted to have a punt on them as my OSR pipe has broken away from the mount which I need to attend to shortly, and my rear boxes are pretty shot. 

Does anyone know definitely if a 2002-2007 rear silencer fits on a 2001 X200?

Thanks, Russ :wink:

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Thanks Simon, I took some pictures of mine and carefully compared as them to the standard and the Adamesh ones, so I'm pretty happy they'll fit so I've ordered them now. I'm slightly concerned they could be a bit loud with the tiny silencer box, but we'll see and if so I can either weld in a larger silencer or sell them on as are. I suspect the breaker didn't realise they were an aftermarket part, and for £130, it's not much of a risk as my others are pretty shot anyhow. Can't wait to put the on now :yes:.

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Thanks guys, they've been dispatched, so we'll know soon enough, I hope to fit them at the weekend.

I had to order a repair panel for the hangar, which broke away on the offside. The same thing happened last year and a made a repair panel myself, but it was a pain and on balance I thought best just to buy one. I'm looking to use some stainless clamps for ease of future maintenance and removal.

Cheers :wink:

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Hey Steve,

Unfortunately not, the guys supplying the hanger repair panel went out of stock, but it did give me the chance to order some fancy stainless clamps and the repair paste I needed. Really pleased they turned out to be stainless, they were so grubby this wasn't obvious from the get go, so I'll give them a good clean up before they go on, which will be ASAP, but perhaps not before next weekend.

I also fitted a leaper and I'm really pleased with it, photos on the Mrs's camera, but once I have access to them, I'll post :thumbup:.

All the best, Russ

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