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F22 fuse blowing all the time


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I will make this as small as possible, about 6 weeks ago the glow plug wearing light started to flash up, it went into limp mode then cut out all together. AA called, he diagnosed the crankshaft sensor, he took me up to euro parts and got a new one and replaced it, car would still not start and after about 2 hours he gave up and towed me home.

I then got a mobile mechanic to my house and he replaced my fuel filter, drained my battery and could not do anymore work and charged me £70 for it without any further diagnostic help.

Since then I have changed all of the glow plugs, changed the camshaft sensor, done a leak test on the injectors, one of which is a bit off but nothing that would stop it from starting, checked the fuel pump which is working fine, checked the EGR valve which is blanked off anyway and is ok, replaced the glow plug relay and finally checked the glow plug wiring harness with a multi meter which is also ok.

The puzzling thing that is getting to me is the the glow plug fuse F22 keeps blowing when I turn the ignition on. 

Does anyone on this great forum have any idea why fuse F22 keeps blowing and why I can't start the !Removed! car. Help!!!!?........

Oh, the car is a 2005 2L diesel sport with 130 on the clock
Thanks in advance
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hi darren, well this does not read to good. with what you have been trying nothing seems to work. so my advice would be an auto electrician because if you explain your problem to him with a phone call, that would give him a great place as where to test and search for any problems and hopefully find the root of the cause? that is if you wish to have an auto electrician take a look. best of luck dave.

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