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XF s Engine Blown. Please help


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Hi all im desperately in need of some advice and help.

I have just received the devastating news that my engine has been written off due to a con rod failure. 

The failure happened two days ago when the car suffered a loud bang and then came to a halt. When i exited the car there was a large pool of Oil collecting beneath the engine. Today the garage confirmed that the engine is a complete write off. 

The car is a 2011,  3 litre diesel XFs variant which has just over 80000 miles on the clock. 

If anyone is able to help here are a few questions:

1: Is this a common problem with this engine?

2: I have been quoted £5000 for a replacement engine. Does this sound like a fair price?

3. What would the car be worth if i didn't have the engine replaced and sold it as is.

4. The car is only 4.5 years old, would Jaguar be of any assistance at all.


Thanks in advance



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Hi Gerrad, and welcome to the the Club.

Sad story  --  these engines go on for ever [normally].

It might be worth contacting Jaguar just to see what they could do.

I don't think £5k is too much out of the way for a new engine.

Let us know how you get on.



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