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Gearbox fault light


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I have been having niggling problems with the gearbox for a couple of weeks, mainly when I put the selector into drive it doesn't go into gear, I have to push it across to 4 and back.

Once it is in gear it drives with no problem

Yesterday I was out and the car was performing really well, a pleasure to drive, when the "Gearbox Fault" light came on.

I had a 15 minute drive home, including  a steep extended climb, but the gearbox seemed to be working OK.

When I checked this morning the light was off. My problem is there are no Jag/auto box specialists within a 3 hour drive.

Is there anything I can look at or any other advice from anyone who may have experienced similar?

The car is a 1999 3.0 SE with 56,000 miles and is in great condition otherwise.



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Hi David,


The 'gearbox fault' light could indicate a variety of faults, but yours doesn't sound to be too serious at this stage.

With my car, the gearbox fault would come one after running around 3 miles, or less, then it would loose drive, and would only go back in after it had cooled down.

The problem with mine was that I think the previous owner had continued to drive until it broke completely, instead of acting on the first signs of a problem. In the end, my car went to S and D Transmissions in Doncaster, where it has had a full gearbox rebuild.  The overdrive was completely cooked. 

The car is superb now!  At the time my car had done 78k, and was otherwise is great condition. 

I appreciate Doncaster is a bit too far for you to take your car!





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