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The Eternal BTUM (Bluetooth Module) Problem


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After many months dicking around with the S-type it is finally getting there. Air con is back working, all modules fitted and optical cable connected. Phone system is correct and an AD suffix system. I have an AD suffix BTUM, regardless of whether the module is fitted or not the phone system says that the handset is in use and I need to either hang up or replace the handset to continue. I have researched everywhere to try and resolve this but everyone seems to suffer with it. I would really love to know if I am chasing a dream in ever getting it sorted.

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Hi Mathew

If you have added bluetooth module to your 2003 car, they don't usually work, if its the bluetooth module in the armrest

the wires in the connector are in the wrong position on pre 2005 cars

you will need to swap some wires about on the bluetooth connector in the armrest and some on the connector on the phone module in the boot

if you wanted the easy fit you have to fit the later module, black plastic one thats phone and bluetooth in one unit, that goes in the boot, where the phone module is and you need a additional bluetooth antenna for the later module

you have to make sure its wired as below, first you need to check you have 8 wires in the bluetooth connector in the armrest, you'll notice the wire position in the connector, don't tally with the wires in the bluetooth unit.

if you have 8 wires, you can get the bluetooth working

next look at the connector bluetooth in armrest, the pins are numbered, draw a pic and write what colors go where

also some of the wires in the phone module will be in the wrong place, this is because earlier cars were wired for phone handsets not bluetooth

I think when you check the wiring you'll find 2 wires are in the right place the other six are wrong

you need to alter them so , as wiring diagram below

pin 1 phone module goes to pin 3 bluetooth connector

pin 26 phone module goes to pin 2 bluetooth connector

pin 2 phone module goes to pin 8 bluetooth connector

pin 3 phone module goes to pin 9 bluetooth connector

pin 6 phone module goes to pin 1 bluetooth connector

pin 10 phone module goes to pin 7 bluetooth connector

pin 22 phone module goes to pin 6 bluetooth connector

pin 20 phone module goes to pin 5 bluetooth connector

easiest way to do it is unplug the phone module connector and bluetooth connector

reposition the wires in the bluetooth connector so connections 3, 2, 8, 9, 1, 7, 6, 5, all with wires in, then write down what color wire you have in each number

then rearrange the color wire in the phone connector to correspond with the drawing, so if you put yellow in pin 3 in bluetooth connector, find yellow in the phone connector and put it in pin 1, 2 wires should be correct when you check so yo should only need to rearrange 6 wire and then your bluetooth will work

on both connectors there a plastic lock clip, you have to remove so the pins can be removed, you also need a thin wire, that has to be slotted down the front of the connector to unlock it so its slides out, once the wire's are clicked in the correct pin, the plastic clip lock is replaced which locks the pin in position

had to do it on mine, works like a dream now



BTUM wiring.gif

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Good evening Joe, 

First of all I would like to thank you, cause I have googled so many articles about this topic and only this one makes sence in the way of describing problem. It seems I have the same issue as Mathew had. I drive 2004 X-type Estate Sport, equiped with Alpine Sound system, Touch screen, CD unit in the front, Sat/nav, CD changer and Voice in the boot. Now I have bought second-hand phone module and BTUM unit, but it seems my car is pre-wired for an older version of a phone handset. Does your “re-pining” method should work even on my car? I also get a phone cable with units I’ve bought with right blutooth pins, so the question is which method could be less difficult - changing the phone wire or changing pins in the current cable. 
Second question is if I need to get any other part to complete my job? I hope I don’t need a microphone, when my car is fitted with Voice unit. I’m not sure if I need another aerial, or something like this. 
It only seems I will need another D2B optic fible lead to the trunk, caused by increasing number of units. Am I right? 

Many thanks in advance. 

Kind regards, 


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moving the wiring about in both connectors will get your bluetooth module to work

but there is a far easier method now, replace your phone module or just fit the later black plastic phone/bluetooth combined unit

then there will be no need to fit the bluetooth module in the armrest, or mess with any wires

the later black plastic phone/bluetooth module has more functionality and can pair multiple devices part number 7W93 10D893 AB, pic below

it just fits in the boot, where the phone module is, only extra you need is the bluetooth antenna, which is under a fiver, also if your mic is built into the console, replace it with the external one as there far better




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bluetooth phone connection was working fine in my 2006MY X-type , with one fatal flaw - nobody could hear me talking. Connected, transferred phone book contents just fine. There are several posts here and elsewhere recommending the re-pinning of a connector under the arm rest and there's no doubt that has been the solution for some BUT DO NOT DO THIS. Fitting the above module gave me two way communication, with no other change. The re-pinning option involves removing the whole centre console (under the driver's arm rest) and I found the relevant connector to be completely inaccessible. No guarantee of success even if you had more luck than me. After months spent researching, lifting the rear seat, checking connections I bought the 7W93 10D893 AB  module, of which there are several on eBay for around 50 UK pounds, 80 USD , also bought a bluetooth aerial for under a tenner (google "bluetooth WiFi GSM Fakra Z Antenna Cable Adapter Fit For BMW 1 Series X5", seller is ittoo. Direct replacement fit and all good now.


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