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Just to say thanks,& new problem - Creeping !!

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Many thanks to you guys that helped with my radio problem, sorted & resolved - Thank you.

This may sound very stupid, I take my foot off the accelerator and the car stops very quickly !!, the brake peddle seems very sensitive to braking, feels as tho the box has massive engine braking and goes into the lowest gear.

now, also when this happens the car does not seem to "creep" when in gear, seems very slugged like its holding back......, this so difficult to describe the symptoms

Could this be related to the S-Type sticking electronic handbrake that I have read ? if so, how could I check or look to resolve - (the car has been into the garage and they could find no fault condition while testing, I had requested that they test drive to check for errors and bill me accordingly, the drive and inspection was not too costly.

I rolled the car down a quite slight incline to prove the handbrake, the park light came up fine and the car did lock and hold as one would have expected, took the park brake off and all seemed fine - any input or ideas would be most greatly appreciated.

Thanks to you all, have a super day, and enjoy the sun while it lasts !!

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Hi Paul,

I don't think it is the handbrake.  It would have a message if it is sticking  -- It will say "Parkbrake fault" and the engine amber light will come on and the car will not move.

I am no engineer but if my car was feeling sluggish i would hazard a guess and start to think about fuel getting to the injectors, and get a bottle of Wynn's injector cleaner and out into at least half a tank of fuel.  If it works it is a cheap fix.



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This sounds very much as though the plastic coupling on the end of the servo shaft where it links to the pedal has slipped, causing the brakes to be partially on. 

You can probably pull the nut back at the pedal to release the brakes. It will probably go back again though when you press the brake pedal. It probably needs the plastic coupling replacing.

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