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Is mileage an issue?


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Hi All

Have been looking for a Xtype for a while, have found one that is the right money and in good condition from what I can see.  My question is the engne is the 2.2 diesel and has completed 122,000 miles, what if any issues might I see or be on the look out for with a vehicle having completed this many miles? . Im sure that the mileage itself is also not a major issue for the eingine either or is it?


Many Thanks


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HI Darren, and Welcome to the Club.

I have come across diesel engines with around 200k on the clock and still going.  A lot depends on the treatment the engine has had, and a good service history is a pointer.  The 2.2 diesel is still being used by Jaguar in the XF so it shows the respect which exists for the engine.

Those X Type owners who have that particular model will be along to give you their experiences.



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Hi there - hope I'm not too late. 


My 2005 X-Type Estate has done 175000 and is still going strong, flying through its last MOT with only a cracked manifold cover as an advisory. 

I would agree with Peter's comment above though - make sure it's been serviced properly. Mine had a dealer history for the first 5 years, independent garage thereafter, but continuous. Happily the previous owner had also kept receipts for absolutely everything - tyres etc - so I could see what his general running costs had been.


Great car - hope you enjoy it if you go for it.


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