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Greetings Brethren


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Oops wrong button. Can anybody please help? Every time I turn my ignition key the passenger window goes down. The up/down switch on the passenger door does nothing, the switch on the drivers door, for the passenger side window, will send it up occasionally but only a couple of millimetres at a time. Sometimes i get it halfway and it will return to the bottom on it's own. Every time the ignition key is turned I have to repeat this process.

Do any of you guys have any ideas?

Cheers Adam

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Welcome to the Club, Adam.

Assuming that all the other windows as OK, it could be worth checking the switch on the passenger door.  It will probably be worth taking the door card off and seeing if any of the mechanism is faulty.




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it seems like it may be the switch, drivers one will be fighting it. I would start by disconnecting the  passenger switch and see if it works properly with the one on the drivers switch pack.

if it does it will be the passenger switch

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