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restricted performance mode when hard on the pedal


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Hi all

my 10 plate XF 3.0d goes into restricted performance mode if I go heavy on the accelerator if I go to about three quarters down on the pedal up it pops so I have to pull over switch off the engine lock the doors wait for everything to go off then start her back up and everything is fine.

plugged a diagnostic into the beast and does not bring any faults up any one got any ideas please.

many thanks in advance

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Welcome to the Club, Mark.

It sounds a bit like a fuel issue.  Try the cheap options first -- Wynns injector cleaner or a can of Diesel Magic. Hopefully, there will be other suggestions.

Let us know how you get on.



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I had the same fault a while ago. It is a simple fix at a garage. The fault is pin that corrodes in the valve switch over from the low to high pressure turbos.

it cost me less than £200 at a Jag dealership but I am sure you can get it cheaper.

a short term fix is to put some copper grease on the pin.

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Hello mate,

so litrly had the same problem a month ago, and it's the manifold not an easy fix, I had numerous diagnostics and in the end I spent £145 on a diagnostic from Jaguar to determine the issue when the looked at it, it was the offside manifold.

part was £435 (all new manifold and pipes)

futting and service £1000

i can send all details via email as I have kept all documents.....

i reccomend take it straight to jag for the diagnostic, ask them when finished to print off what is called rag sheet ( all faults numbered ect and faults) and go from there...

dont hesitate to message me

kind regards


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the diagnostic did bring up two instances of low turbo pressure the first was logged at the same time I took my car to jag for them to replace the cam-belt but when I had it serviced they discovered a twisted vacuum pipe and put it down to that.the second instance logged has no mileage or date attached nothing else logged

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