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Upholstery & paint protection

Chris Tipple

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I am in the process of buying a new F Type, and the dealership have offered me some stuff to protect the paint and upholstery for a few hundred quid.

I suppose my first Question is "Do I really need it?" But following on from that I can't believe that Jaguar deliver their their cars without some protection to either the paint or the upholstery, so is the 'stuff' that the dealers want to sell any better than whatever it is that Jaguar use during the manufacture? I am more interested in ensuring that the upholstery is protected than the paint. because i am one of those nerds that really does not mind polishing 'nice' cars!

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Hi Chris, and welcome to the club.

I have had two previously owned Jaguars and SWMBO has paid for the paint protection on both.  I have only used water, sometimes with a gentle shampoo in the last 5 years, and while the protection is said to last three years, mine is now 3.5 years and I only have to give it a spray occasionally  to get rid of dirt that does not come off with luke warm water.

My car is now none and half years old and still looks remarkable good.

BUT you can get a local detailer to do the job at a similar price.

Jaguar do a very good paint job on every car, and with the last coat the clear lacquer does make the paint job last longer.




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