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Front windscreen dash air vents loose!

david moore

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if your front dash air vent sounds like a wasp/bee then i found it was the clip had broke!  so out came the vent,  on inspection it was of course the clip had lost its prongs to hold down the vent. after searching on eBay with no luck, i turned to try and rescue the clip and repair it myself,  which is what i done. off to the DIY store and purchased a bag of (large toggle fixings) for plaster boards. size 13-15mm  5 items in the bag.  then super glue.  here are some pics so you can see what it looked like?   so i trimed the clip so it looked like a chocolate button, then super glue the toggle clip to the button.(cut toggle to correct length first),  place air vent back in dash, then bend the toggle so it then fits into the hole, and then the clip expands to fit neatly in place.  PS measure the distance from under round clip to toggle? mine was 4mm. thickness of my dashboard.  job done.

front windscreen dash vent.jpg

clip and vent hole.jpg

front vent clip 2.jpg

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Ditto Tom's comments. My n/s air vent periodically displaces itself and pops up, creating a most annoying rattle that when it first occurred directed me to the centre fascia. Of course I now know better and simple re-fit and twist the button (just in case that makes a difference!), but a more permanent investigation and fix must follow and this feed will surely be of help. Thanks David.

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