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New member (N. E. Lincolnshire) - 2011 XF 3.0D Premium Luxury


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Hi Malcolm and Peter.  I don't have many pictures but I have managed to find one and attached to show the colour.  My XF is a year 2011 3.0l D Premium Luxury in Claret Red.  I have owned it for almost 2 years and love it to bits!  It is (or was, a high mileage purchase at 111,000 miles) although as I only do around 3000 miles per year it will soon become an "average mileage" car!  I had the cambelt replaced via Hatfield Jaguar Hull as soon as I bought it as well as the scheduled service (I had actioned the cost within my purchase/haggle so wasn't such a shock)!  Lots to talk about in another post shortly.




My XF rear view.JPG

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Hi again Graham, wow, she is an absolute beauty, I just love the colour, Claret Red, beautiful!!!! I too use Hatfield Jaguar ( Hull ) I find them superb, very polite and welcoming, nothing is to much trouble, or so it would seem!!!!

I will be looking out for you / Jag around the town, will wave, if I think I spot your good self :yahoo:

Best wishes for the moment,


Malc :yes::w00t:

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