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New member 2011 XF Luxury V6 Auto Claret Red


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Hi, just taken delivery & have a question about a small triangular symbol just above the fuel gauge on the message center. It's on the left side of the screen, & is very small. Doe anyone have an idea what it may be? I can't find any reference in any handbook.

I can attach photo if required.



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Hi Malcolm 

a photo would be good, a triangle is normally a warning sign, just taking a punt here, but as its by the fuel gauge is your petrol/diesel low? Or your fuel filler flap open?

Welcome to the JOC by the way 



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Thanks for the response & the welcome. I have an Owners manual, however there are no screen shots of the actual mesaage centre screen.

Panic over I think, I noticed the "triangle" last night  & it seems I must have caught the selcet button on the end of the indicator stalk which changed the

read out on the screen.

I beleive that the "triangle" is the indicator for the Odometer reading or items related to the Odometer?

Please advise  if I'm mistaken.






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I think that is just a general warning before you start the car, try starting it without pressing the brake (in park of course) if it won't start, I guess it will disappear once you apply the foot brake, and she's ticking over  

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Hi there Mal UK, I'm very very sure this is absolutely nothing whatsoever to worry about, its just related to the general message of ''PRESS BRAKE WHEN STARTING''.

I'll try and upload a photo of mine, its slightly different to yours, but the meaning is the same.

Best Wishes, 

Phosphor Blue ( Malc )


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