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Engine Sump Leaking


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My late 2011 3 litre diesel has been in for its service today (32000 miles). The dealers rang to say I needed two new front tyres because each one had a split, would require retracking all four wheels AND the engine sump was leaking Oil all at a cost of nearly £1700 to carry out repairs and  service. The car had passed it's mot before the service had been carried out with no advisories.

After some negotiation the dealer agreed to repair the sump leak 'as a gesture of good will' saying it would take about 6/7 hours. I  did not have the tyres etc replaced. We finally agreed a price of £800 for the sump, mot and service, a saving of about £350 on the dealers original price.

I am so angry. I cannot believe the engine sump leak, I have never seen a hint of Oil on the garage floor or on my 'sloping drive', but felt pushed into a corner.

What do you guys think.





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My suspicions were raised immediately after reading this. Your car has such low mileage and for the Oil pan to be leaking at this stage is a worry. I would speak directly to Jaguar UK as this is not right.

As for the tyres, fair wear and tear but shop around. My main dealer wanted £280 per corner for mine yet I found them (exactly the same) at a reputable tyre dealer for £190!

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Hi Thats a shock.to find out this this is an issue. I have a X type 2002 and had to have the sump taken down and resealed.as it was a common fault with them after covering large mileage.   The Oil was dripping onto the exhaust front pipe and when heated it could be smelt driving along.  Most modern cars have engine floor pans that help with smoothing the air flow under the vehicle.  See if you can find a tale tale leak if possible? Good luck.



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Update on my post re leaking sump.

Week and a half after the service the computer was telling me to top up the Oil, half a litre. So, concerned I took the car back to the stealers and after they had had a look, that took them an hour and a half, they informed me that it looks as though the turbo Oil return pipes were leaking! They would like to have it for a couple of days to check it out. They have booked it in for two weeks time.

I then went to an independent Jag specialist. After just a couple of minutes having the car up on the lift they agreed it is the turbo Oil return pipes that are leaking.

Both myself and the indy think the oil leaking from the turbo oil return pipes obviously ran down onto the sump case giving the impression that the sump gasket was leaking, a far easier fix than the turbo pipes. A costly miss diagnosis. It has left a very nasty taste. I am finding it hard to believe I am having these problems on a five year old, 33000 mile car that is lovingly cared for.

I had already written an email of complaint to the branch manager, with no reply, I have emailed quite a detailed account of the situation to Jaguar Customer Services and they have emailed back informing me they will be liaising with the dealer.

I have never had anything like these sort's of problems with any cars that I have owned over many years of driving, 54 years in fact. If I get no joy from Jaguar or the dealer there is a strong possibility I will go back to BMW or Mercedes.

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