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Well. just put the car in for paint, few panels let the car down rather blend panels in decided to go for the full Monty same colour full body job. The cars only 9 years old but the paint was letting it down, its a 2 to 3 week job and costing more than I wanted to pay on such an old car, but the enjoyment these cars bring it was a no brainer. people will say why spend that much, I say why not. always been an XJ lover having owned more than 14 over the years, but after selling my XJ8 last year I was smitten by the lines and retro look of my old girl, she's done 101000 mls purrs like a kitten, gives me upwards of 50mpg on a run flew through its last MOT last month (no advisories), I know I will never recoup the money, but some things are not about money, lets say I had a pet dog and it was ill you would want it at its best, we all have pet cats same applies. sorry for going on, just looking for someone to say HELL YES your doing the right thing. WELL GUYS AM I?. 


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I did that before on a Toyota Celica i had and never regretted it for one minute . It looked fantastic and got plenty of positive comments of how good it looked , which more than made up for the money i spent .  If it makes you happy then it's money well spent in my opinion . 

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Yup! It's your pride and joy, plenty of people spend plenty more money than us on their cars, and get less for their money I bet!

I've spent equivalent to my original purchase price this year on maintenance and upgrades, but the total of what it owes me is pretty small considering what she is and how she goes. If they become the classics I expect them to in a few years, it'll be those that were looked after that'll be worth having.

But forget the future and what the second hand market says they're worth, they're good, undervalued cars now and if we want to spend money keeping them up. As you have done, it is your / our choice and right to do so :yes:

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