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I have an XF which came with its nav system. How do you use it? the only way yo indicate your required destination is to put in the post office code

most unhelpful if you have stored dozens of them. I would have expected to be able to down load an address but since it only excepts addresses which begin with

a number and most addresses do not begin with numbers that I go to (Golf courses, Marinas etc) it will not accept them. I just 'do not believe it 'thank you Victor. I have

never had this problem with any other systems that go out of their way to be straight forward. Please help !! otherwise the car is great.

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Hi Tony, and Welcome to the club.

My s type Sat Nav has the facility to put in a full address or part address even without the post code.  I think an XF owner will be able to advise.

I do think it strange that Jaguar have moved backwards.  In Ireland there are precious few post codes - in most areas none at all, and because of that it is possible that there could be a fault with yours.



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