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Many issues please help


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Hello all and thank you in advance.

I have a list of problems with my X type so I shall start from high priority. 

The car is going into limp mode regularly with the flashing coil light and occasionally the EML too. I have Delphi diags and have checked the car which indicated a high/low fuel pressure which leads me to injector problems. I was told the last digit of the code indicated the injector No and replaced injector one - I coded this too. 

At this point above the car wasn't even starting so after the injector replacement it started. Happiness short lived as back to limping along. Again same symptoms except it runs and starts. Any suggestions?

Next battery light on the dash believe the alternator may be OEM and not genuine. Although seems to have the connections present for smart charge? Smart charge loom issue? There is also a random connector behind the battery not connected to anything which leads to the fuse/relay box? No ideas what this is for. 

A few weeks back I drove in to London and got all the way to destination when trying to park I had zero brakes only to find the previous bodge artist had taped the valve on the vacuum which had given way thankfully it went when it did otherwise I wouldn't be hear to write this. Since replace the whole pipe work and all is good on the braking front. 

Reverse lights did not work and have had to replace the reverse light switch on the gearbox which fixed this. 

With the issues of limp mode I thought I would try to cover more grounds with the repair and did a full service on the car - Oil, Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, engine flushed, injector cleaner additive, EGR removed and bypass valve fitted, inlet manifold removed and cleaned thoroughly. The car is also running a map although issue came about once prior to map and put it down to exceptionally low fuel and simply dismissed. 

The car does not get up to temperature on the dash yet heating warm etc. Replaced the thermostat and the engine temperature coolant sensor yet no change on the dash. Sensor was a branded sensor from euros so not expecting it to be duff but I am here for advice. 

Dash vents fallen out clips are shot but the vents themselves don't seem to have any hook clips if you like to hold them in place to be clipped is this correct? 

Vanity mirror flaps open at will and do not stay open. Have seen the reason why and a cheap fix but ideally want to remove the mirror/flap assembly - does anyone know where I can source this? 

Rear doors do not lock with central locking and open occasionally. I have noticed by manually locking and not dead locking the car they can be useable - have ordered replacement door mechs which have arrived yesterday so any suggestions on fitting would be great. 

Front drivers indicator is not working and it's connected etc is it likely that there's a wiring issue or is this the one time a simple bulb change will suffice? 

Headlight bulb went and blew each replacement. Suspected dodgy connectors so removed and hard wired HID's - now working fine. 

I don't believe I have missed anything but likely to have. Thank you all in advance and apologies for the essay just trying to be concise with the information. 

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" The car does not get up to temperature on the dash yet heating warm etc. Replaced the thermostat and the engine temperature coolant sensor yet no change on the dash. Sensor was a branded sensor from euros so not expecting it to be duff but I am here for advice.  "

I had this on my 56 plate 2.2D sport. Had it for 18 months and 25K miles. Gauge would fluctuate from less than 1/4 to almost 1/2 way on a journey, as conditions changed and engine was worked harder or easier. I read elsewhere that the Oil thermostat on this engine could be the source of the problem. While getting other work done I had it changed. The temperature dial now sticks much closer to the 1/2 way mark, but still moves around a little and never quite hits 1/2 way. MPG seems to have increased by 1 or 2 mpg, but that could also be down to other service work. Hope this helps.


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If you mean the dash vents that blow on to the windscreen mine were loose and kept popping up at both ends on both sides  ( very annoying ) . I couldn't see how they exactly clipped in so i thought that i would never need to remove them so put a thin layer of glue round the edges and permanently resolved the problem . Not everyone's idea of sorting the problem , but if you do it make sure you go over the area with a damp cloth to remove any residue otherwise it will turn white and will be a pain to remove( as i found out lol ) . 

Regards .

Andy .

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dean,.. sounds like this car has not had much TLC  but if you read through some of the previous posts on the X TYPE SITE you may get help from reading there experiences ?  it does help putting you in the right direction as to how it may help. good luck with the repairs....dave

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