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Vredestein Ultrac Satin Tyres?


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Hey, so thankfully my Petlas SnowMaster tyres are wearing thin and I'm looking to buy some new tyres!

The Petlas were put on by the previous owner, and they're pretty terrible in all weathers (I haven't had them in the snow yet, but I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them). They're 245/45/18s and rated E for fuel economy and C for wet grip.

I've been looking at those you've been suggesting, so Nexens, Goodyears, etc. But have found the Vredestein Ultrac Satins to be loads cheaper than the Goodyears and one of the best rated tyres available with B for fuel and A for grip. I'll be getting 245/40/18s and I'm looking at £90 a corner. 

They released them in March this year, so I'm wondering if anyone's had them yet? Also has anyone gone from E-C rated tyres to B-A rated tyres? If so, did you find a huge difference? Funnily enough, on my old Polo I had Vredestein sessentas (rated something like F-B) replace the front Dunlops (something like D-C) and I found the average mpg drop a good 10%!




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Just to update, bought 4 of the Vredesteins. 245/40/18 from Camskill.com cost me £380 with postage, fitting will cost £48 from a local garage. I'm having them fitted and the tracking checked this week so I will let you know how they are once fitted.


They're such pretty tyres...



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I had Vredstein Ultrac Sessantas on my XF 3.0D S, and loved both their performance (wet and dry) and how they looked!

Not very hard wearing though, which I guess is the price you pay for excellent grip.

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Yeah, I found the wear on the sessentas was rough, couldn't fault the grip but also the fuel economy took a dive as soon as they went on! These have a far better rating and are a brand new design so hopefully they'll be decent. I'm just relieved to finally get rid of the horrid snow tyres it's got on ATM...

I've heard good things about the Goodyears, just Vredestein have a little place in my heart and with the ratings of this tyre being BA, I had to give them a whirl 😛

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7 minutes ago, GaryE said:

They look good , they were my 2nd choice, i went for the Goodyear Eagle F1 AS3 as they were only 68db for noise , with fitting paid a similiar price to you.

Exactly the same for me, Gary.  Not much difference in price.


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