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Tire choices 2007 XK coupe


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Hi Robert,

I changed from Pirellis to Goodyear Eagle Assimetric on my S Type and find them rather quiet with good roadholding in the wet.  Them came top in a survey with Vreestein a close second.

However, there are other tyres which members use and they will give your their opinions.



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I had Vredstein Sessantas on my XF3.0D S, and found them superb both in wet and dry.

My XK came with new Continentals which are absolutely fine, but I don't think they are quite as good as the Vredsteins.

Vredsteins tend to be quite reasonably priced for quality tyres, but maybe wear a bit more quickly: Soft grippy rubber never can last as long as a harder compound.

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I have personally used Dunlop Sports Max on both the Xk and the XKR. The winter tyre version is very good in wet or light snow.

When I come the replace the XKR tyres I will probably go for Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - have always had good results with Michelins on all previous cars.

Interesting to note though that the original spec tyres for the XKRS GT were Pirelli P0 Corsa - I understand they were very good too.

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