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Boot Lid Alarm


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My car is a 2007 XF and when the car is locked and the alarm is on I used to be able to open the boot lid without the alarm going off and then close it to reset the alarm. Now the alarm goes off when I open the lid and I have to stop it using the key fob. Does anybody have any experience of this and what might be causing it? I wondered if it might be something to do with the wires in the loom going from the car to the boot, possibly broken but not sure!

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My XK key fob has a button for opening the tailgate.

When I press the button it unlocks the boot, and I can open it without the alarm going off.

When I close it again the indicators flash once to tell me that it is closed and the alarm is set again.

I think that my XF was the same, if my memory serves me correctly.

As you say, I would suspect that the wiring may be the problem, probably at a point where it flexes when the boot is opened and closed.

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