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  1. Good afternoon my name is Ian.
  2. can anybody help me with a problem my 1999 s type battery drains after 4 days if not started just replaced the battery and now started saying gearbox failure and engine failure, engine management light started flashing on and off. after a good run this has cleared and runs ok. but the heater now stays on and whatever the setting cant get it to cool I have checked the fuses all ok also I noted the radiator fan doesn't seem to come on it does not over heart it all started when I replaced the battery I be great full for any advise many thanks Ian
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Hi Ian

Looks like you have something faulty

Its either going be a visit to a auto electrician or if you handy with a multimeter  you can find it yourself

you need connect your meter in line with the battery and put it on ameter mode and monitor the amps/current

then start pulling fuses till the current/amps drop, start with anything after market thats been added

I had a similar fault on my car and it ended up been a tracker in the left hand side of the boot, did not know it was there and no paper work came with car, its backup battery had failed over the years and was causing a large drain on the car battery

also check all the modules in the boot and fuse box for water damage, common fault on the s-type's, which can cause a drain

try keeping the car on a battery charger/trickle charger to prevent further damage to the battery and other modules, low battery voltages can cause errors and damage



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