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Corroded Spark plug

Jolly Skipper

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Has anybody had to deal with a spark plug so corroded that the garage cannot get a Spark plug spanner onto it to remove it?

It's a 1999 V8 S-type.

Apparently there was water around the plug causing a misfire; the plug cannot be removed because they can't get the right socket onto it and if they have to beak the plug and get something like an "E-Z out" into it to try to get it out there may be all sorts opf collatoral damage.

I am being told that to get the head off the engine has to come out and I'm into more money than the car is worth!

I really need someone to come up with the solution to this one as I've spent over £1,500 on the car since May last year and am raching financial melt-down with it!

Please help me Obe Wan Kenobi - you're my only hope!

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You want a long box spanner or the next size down long reach socket

use one of the other plugs and find a socket thats just smaller and then knock it onto the damaged plug, it should grip it enough to get it out

or even a piece of steel pipe, you want it, just smaller than the plug, then knock it on, if its one of the back ones, you will struggle

dont use a socket with the 12 flats, use one with the 6 flats

if you can find any thing, get some steel wire 1.5mm to 2.5mm, like a welding rod, bend it into a shape similar to the spark plug, you want it so it slides inside the spark plug socket, so it slots into two opposite corners, then at the bottom of the socket, bend the wire out so it can't slide into the socket

you want this wire to take up the slack from the corroded plug and socket, you want it a tight fit, so it knocks on, light taps till it goes on, the tapping will also help free the plug

hopefully that should get it out

also if the car is still a runner, the plug insulator is not damaged, then I would only try knocking the steel pipe on it or a smaller long reach socket, as any thing else might damage the insulator, leaving the plug faulty and then a non runner



sorry for the quick sketch, but it should give you the idea


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Hi Joe

Once again you come to my aid like a Knight on his white charger!

I will get the car back from the garage in the morning and will be able to see the "where" and the "why".

I fear that you are right and the 'brute force' route is the only one left and it is either me or the scrapper so will try to get a picture and put it up.

Until the 'morrow kind sir!

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