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Major Electrical problem; 1999 S-type 4 litre auto

Jolly Skipper

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The car came to a stop whilst being driven; no instrument lights or message centre.

AA diagnosed a failed fuse; Fuse 4 on the drivers comparrtment fuse box.

I now have a car with both front windows and sunroof open.

Every time I replace the fuse as soon as the ignition is switched on the fuse blows. Even with all the big relays from the boot fuse panel removed the problem persists. I tried to fiond the "Transit Relay" allegedly adjacent to the battery but cannot find it.

Any ideas welcomed!

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Transit relays are only fitted while the cars are in jaguars car from new, to isolate the battery when not in use, they are removed before handing over to the customer

here a electrical diagram x2001999.25en.pdf

if you look a power distribution, you can find what it feed and start checking for faults



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Dead short to ground somewhere near the Deriver's side footwell fusebox. The dreaded 'smell' test gives it away.

Now to strip the interior to find the damaged wire(s) and start splicing in new cable. I do love owning a Jaguar - itgives me so many opportunities to expand my skills base!:crybaby:

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The problem was diagnosed as a loss/corruption of the configuration file in the main ECU of the car so the car didn't know what it was/had and so nothing worked! The local Jaguar specialist downloaded a copy of the original config file and the car started working again.

Now I have time to spend on the car it is throwing more grief at me.:crybaby:

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