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Jaguar XJ8 3.2 Won't Start


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Hello, my car has recently developed a starting problem. Initially evwery now and again the car would refus to start in park, generally during use when i'd stop at a petrol station or something similiar and go to get back in the car a few minutes later only to be given failsafe engine mode. I got round this by starting the car in neutral but now it seems that won't won't work either. At this time the P and D lights are not illuminated but the R and N are. I have checked the solenoid just under the selector and it is clicking when I press the brake pedal. 

The only other thing I've noticed is that upon cranking the rev counter does not work either? Could this be case of something in the selctor not working and then coincidentally something not working either for example crank position sensor?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated

Regards, Nige

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Hi Nigel

Hope you have overcome your starting problem, but if you haven't, I had the same thing with my 1998 XJ8. After about two years of starting in neutral, I had a service and the mechanic found that the gear selector coupling was dry. Simply greasing the joint cured the problem completely. I believe the joint can be found close to the front end of the gear box. Good luck. best not to use WD40 it's not a good lubricant.

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