Kenny s type

Windscreen wipers won't stop..

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Hi all has anybody had a problem with the windscreen wipers not stopping here's what I've tried so far

Cleaned up the fuse 

When fuse is removed they stop

Disconnected wire at the switch and they don't start but if you disconnect the wire at the switch while they are on they don't Stop? 

When they are on if you follow them with your hand and try to stop them in the position they should stop in and hold them briefly they stop....

Could the motor be overrunning ?

Any Ideas would greatly be appreciated as I'm no electrician

Cheers in advance


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If you access the wiper motor there should be a park switch attached to it.Give it a good clean ,try disconnecting it and see if he motor stops turning immediately,

I believe there is also a stop relay under the bonnet.

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Ive had it before on other cars, not the s-type

they have a switch on the wiper motor, that gives it its park position, usually its all greased up and Ive found on a couple of cars the grease dry's up and stop it working correct

all I did was clean the contact up with wd 40 and then re-apply fresh grease

but on the s-type its most probably just as easy just to replace the wiper motor



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Cheers for tnat mate ..i dont have any relays on N/S wing ...ive tried a different motor and thats sorted it 

Many thanks for all your help


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