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I'm Matt, from Wallasey (no drop down list for Merseyside / Wirral in the profile). I've recently bought a 16 plate XF S V6 3.0D and I absolutely love it. Its ammonite grey with the black pack and nice 20" black alloys. I've come from owning a couple of Skoda's, the first (which I loved) was a Skoda VRS Blackline which I owned from new. I 'upgraded' to the new Skoda Superb Mk3 with a lot of add ons inc DSG and 190 2.0 Diesel engine. I've recently handed it back, as it did nothing for me, I much preferred the VRS and my new Jaguar gives me both the luxury and driving experience I crave. I'm really enjoying it and the wife and kids love it too. I made the mistake of buying my Skoda's brand new and therefore paying a premium for them. My Jaguar XF S was 1.5 years old with 15k miles and cost 5k less than my Skoda Superb new yet its a millions years away in terms of quality and driving satisfaction. I think from this point on I will stick to buying used approved. I used to frequent the Briskoda forum a fair bit, but I've upped my sticks and moved them here! Nice to meet you all and have a great 2018.

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Hi Matt first let me say welcome to the club and also i think your shot of your XFR-S  really shows it to be outstanding

in that color with the black wheels -perfect .


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