S type vs x type

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I love the S type and I like the x type but what are the differences?

I have a budget of £4300 and seem to be able to buy a newer x type than the last 2007/08 S type

I test drove an s type last week and loved it(2.7d) but are there any things the s type does better than the x type and vica versa?

Which is best?????

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I personally prefer the S type as larger and slightly more substantial car but really it's personal choice as both cars are superb and do the job very well

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Hi Gazbo,

So I've owned both cars. I had a

2.5 X type and am on my 2nd S type. Both cars are fantastic but for me hands down the S type wins by miles. So you've test drove the S type i would now go and test drive the X type. Personally I think the no it's you sit in the X after driving the S you would feel the same. The S is way superior but it depends what you want/need from a car. My favourite thing about the X type was the permanent 4 wheel drive which in the winter is extremely useful. This I believe is only on the 2.5 or 3 litre engines. The X was built on a Mondeo chassis when ford over took jaguar. Which isn't a bad thing as such but I've owned Mondeos before and if you have yourself or atleast driven one your notice lots of little Mondeo bits and pieces inside the car. I.e light switches, clock, handles etc. Only minor things but you would definitely recognise them which for me sort of ruins the whole point of owning a Jaguar. 

I just bought myself another S type just before Christmas. 3.0 V6 Sport and absaloutley love it. So glad with the purchase. It was between the S type and a BMW 5 series and would always go Jaguar from now on I think. 

This is all only my personal opinion as I have owned both cars. I would definitely test drive a couple of different models of each car. And if you can afford a newer version of a certain car that's normal for a reason. A slightly older car didn't mean anything if your buying something like a Jaguar. If it was a Vauxhall Corsa I then it would bother me. That said alot of the X type is based on a Mondeo so I'm turn it's great for spare parts if ever you need them. 

Be interesting to know What your final decision is and why so if you go through and make a purchase let me know what you went for I'm intrigued.


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Hi Gareth,

I have owned both cars, an x type SE 2.5 AWD and my current car, an S Type 2.7 Diesel SE.

Both were made during the Ford ownership era and show some elements of Ford Technology. Having said that both cars are Jaguars through and through. The floor pan on the X Type is a cut down Mondeo part, but very little else of note.  Similar for the S Type with the floor pan from the Lincoln.  

Things like this are a common feature in automotive manufacturing.  ---  even Rolls Royce do it.  Remember that the parts manufacturers supply all car manufacturers and many bits are common.

Also, take note that the X Type has a wider range of engines, from the 2.0 litre diesel to the 3 litre petrol with all having different handling qualities.

One other thing is other than the AWD, the x type is a front wheel drive car, while the S type is a rear wheel drive car. 

The s type is far more luxurious that the X type but has a smaller boot. Road holding on both cars, and even though the AWD x type is very nimble and holds the road very well, the s type is a great road holder, and in 4 and a half years I have never had a problem.  The interior of the s type is more comfortable than the x type with the rear doors giving easier access as there is a little more leg room.  I had the SE model in both instances and would recommend the S Type as a greater car to drive.



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